Where a Happy Pet is a Healthy Pet

    Do you have a problem with your cats constantly scratching your house’s furniture, walls, curtains, and anything else they can get their paws on?

    Are your cats often eager to play, but sometimes run around the house and accidentally break something?

     If so, then we’ve got the purrfect solution for you!

    Presenting ★ALFLAND’S Handmade Cat Tree Tower

    As pet owners, we know that our feline friends deserve only the best. That’s why at ALFLAND, we hand-selected only the highest-quality and eco-friendly materials for the scratching posts, so you can provide your furry companions the quality and happiness that they deserve.

    This cat climber has been carefully and expertly handmade using 100% natural, premium-quality wood for its base. Then inside the base is eco-friendly and biodegradable cardboard that feels fantastic against your cat’s claws when the scratch on it.

    Well-prepared cat tree’s tall scratching post, we wrapped it in natural sisal, which most cats are naturally attracted to scratch on, and with an exciting ball toy that hangs from the top of the post, as well as a fun mouse or fish design made from linen that’s embedded onto the cardboard bottom.

    Both of these exciting features are sure to provide your cat or kittens with hours of excitement, as well as a safe and enjoyable way to keep their claws trimmed and sharpened, without ruining your home’s furniture.

     Finally, Need more reasons?

    ✔ Simple to assemble in minutes

    ✔ Incredibly durable and made to last

    ✔ Large enough for multiple cats to scratch and play on

    ✔ Makes a fantastic gift for friends and family who love their cats

    Click the Buy Now  and let the Cat Tree Tower come with your cats to have fun with the healthy and natural way, today!

    Posted on July 22, 2019