Pets with Our Life

    Welcome a pet to our life is beyond providing a roof over this new-comer’s head, it requires us lots of advanced planning, researching, shopping for necessities. It is also a commitment to have a happy and healthy journey with our pet(s). 

    The most important thing could be to remove any plants that might be toxic to cats/kitten because cat/kitten’s curiosity nature. The process is similar as bring a newborn home, everything should be checked before the arrival of this new member – plants, electric cords, loosen doors, sharp corners to name some here.

    Then, we need to get to know about the food that this cat/kitten has been eating, so we can feed the same food to ensure his or her a healthy stomach. After one week or two, it is safe to consider changing his/her diet when we are familiar with his/her preferences. By adding and testing with small portions, gradually we can find their suitable nutrient and healthy foods. And we need to choose a reliable local veterinarian for his/her vaccine, neutering, and other growing needs.

    It is very important to set up colorful toys, scratching posts ahead of time and ideally in one room to assist him/her to adapt into our family easily. It can include designating litter places, dry food, and still water areas, beds or little house, then training them.  Cats like running water, we believe it is due to their instinct of connecting to nature. Therefore, it could be a good idea to allow our cat/kitten to have access to our kitchen sink water.

    It is definitely crucial spending time with our cats/kitten by petting, grooming, talking with her, creating a positive bound with them. I noticed that cats are vocal pets, so singing to my Moonlight and playing the colorful teaser with bells definitely enhanced her happiness. Even though, cats are independent, we can understand them by observing them closely and reading their communication signs.

    It is crucial to let cats/kitten have enough sleep without bothering them. Sleep is the key for them to grow and being healthy so always reserve warm and cozy spots for them in our home.

    Alfland is a platform that shares our love for pets and innovative ideas to take best care of our pets. We provide what pets need and like from scratching posts to colorful innovative toys to make sure pets deserve a happy and colorful life.