Pets Safety Tips

    Critters are meant to be curious and sometimes naughty, it’s we, the owners’ responsibility to train and take care of them.

    Besides our consistency, patients, lots of attention and playing, removing the toxic chemical from our residences, learning their languages (signals) to make them feel welcomed and comfortable, there are more practical tips.

    Preparing an ID tag for our pet. This is for their own protection and it may safe their live sometimes. Veterinarians believe that it is crucial for cats and dogs to wear some collar and tag.

    Most importantly, we need to really spend time with our pets. The interaction and bond can be strengthened. When a pet has fun, they tend to be more active and healthier. Right, and cool toys are definitely a must.

    It is also important to make our pals eat right and stay hydrated. Always keep accessible freshwater inside the residence.

    In summer, keep them away from direct heat, do not over-exercise them, always bring some freshwater with us upon taking them outdoor. In winter, keep them warm and dry.

    Do not bother them while they are eating or sleeping.  To sum up, critters are part of our family members.

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