New Puppy to Our Family

    Welcome a New Puppy to Our Family

    The first few weeks of training requires consistency, patience, and lots of attention when we bring a new puppy to our family.

    Consistency starts from letting our puppy get familiar with his or her own names. Always applying “3 Treats Reward” method (recommended by dog trainers and experts) will assist our process easier. By calling the name, one treat; calling the name again, another treat; calling the name the third time, one more treat – the puppy will remember the reward and ultimately to put the name to meaningful use.

    Consistency plays an extremely important role in potty training. It could well be a process from messy to good habit for both our puppy and ourselves. Again, by applying “3 Treats Reward” method, our puppy will gradually understand it is a must for him or her to use bathroom outside.

    Consistently observing our new puppy attentively and it could mean that we need to sacrifice our sleeping to get to know the puppy’s urge to pee or poo; and while taking him or her outside for potty training (day or night), we should designate some same spots or same surface of grounds because the only puppy can smell the odor so he or she can remember those spots or surface.

    Consistently supervising our puppy and handling potty accidents wisely. If we catch the puppy in action, we need to stop him or her immediately; otherwise, clean their mess without being mad or disciplining puppy because we can confuse them if we get mad or discipline him or her.

    Keeping the tail wagging and we will have a long and fun journey with our bonded pal.

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