Keep Your Small Pets Active & Entertainment

    Just like cats and dogs, small pets like parrots and chinchillas need a way to fight off boredom which is why we designed natural small pet toys to provide you with a convenient way to keep your small friends active while having fun.

    The wooden bunny toys and hamster accessories are made using natural materials to encourage rugged physical play while stimulating their brains to keep small pets active both physically and mentally making these ideals for any small pet. 

    Thoughtfully Designed & Made With Care

    The bird and guinea pig toy set are ideal for a wide variety of pets and their special needs. Each piece is made using natural wood with bright eye-catching colors that will attract the attention of almost any pet and encourage them to stay active. 

    The pet toys connect easily to the cage thanks to the metal chains and can be removed just as easily. The swinging toy is the perfect choice for birds to keep them active while the climbing ladder helps keep hamsters, rabbits, and other small pets to keep moving. 

    More Features You & Your Pets Will Love: - We use durable chains so you don’t have to worry about them snapping  - The hammock offers better breath ability making it ideal for use around the year  - The climbing ladder and swing are sturdy enough to handle daily use  - We use bright, safe and edible pigments that are sure to get your pet's attention  - Ideal for a wide variety of pets including hamsters, rats, parrots, rabbits, bunnies, cockatiels and more  - Hammock bedding is soft and can easily be removed for cleaning

    Make The Smart Choice To Encourage Your Pet To Live A Healthy & Active Life With Our Pet Toy Set!