Creating Minimalism

    There might be some misconceptions regarding the choice of minimalism or simple living out there and minimalism tends to be considered as cold, stark, empty or unfriendly.

    Minimalism is not necessary to be about simplifying life, it is more about getting rid of one’s excess stuff and things that drag you down, therefore, it is about our balance in wants and needs. It is a cozy choice to meet our warm modern and lively atmosphere.

    One can start from creating space for better organization and for those items that one will and use on daily basis. It could be a good idea to start from one’s wardrobe or kitchen or bedroom. If one chooses a quality item that can last 10 years, it is indeed a good investment and measure. There is nothing wrong to owe certain pieces of real quality or even luxury items being a minimalism, it is the cost-effective practices that one needs to go for.

    Simple is the best or less is more means our space, our appearance showing moderately modern, clean, and tidy. Again, minimalist does not equal to sterile or plain or boring.

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