Aloofa – An Efficient Clean Sponge

    Being a citizen of the earth, we are constantly developing ourselves and being consciously aware of our own social responsibilities.  It is not realistic to rely on our government leadership or global organizations to take the loads, because despite of various alignments of efforts, penalties, regulations, our environment is worsening.

    We can do a lot beyond volunteering or advocating; therefore, my action is re-evaluating my consumption habit and going for “less is more.”

    I am inspired by younger generations’ choices on purchasing vehicles and houses.  No matter we accept it or not, fuel-efficient cars are here; furthermore, comparing to 60s’ vehicles, current cars are much slimmer.  More people, particularly millennials are sharing their residential spaces or co-operation nearly everything in consumption.  These new trends all matter and worth a try.

    Alfland’s Aloofa reflects this trend in its unique ways from its packaging material to disposal of it when its time. 

    One package of Aloofa offers us four (4) pieces of dried natural loofa (luffa).

    Once Aloofa is wet with clean water, it can form foam quick; thus, the efficiency of Aloofa kicks in for any cleaning tasks. 

    Also due to the purely natural texture, Aloofa is equipped to tackle grease, dirty, and much more; sometimes I wash my glassware or other utensils without any detergent.

    I also like the fact of how easy it is to clean and reuse Aloofa.  After drying it in a good ventilated space or in the kitchen counter, Aloofa does not change its shape or hold any dirt residue.  

    When I dispose it after a couple of weeks, I am confident that it won’t harm our environment.

    Alfland is a platform that shares our love for pets and innovative ideas to take best care of our pets.   We provide what pets need and create a healthy and pleasant home to make sure pets, as well as ourselves, deserve a happy and colorful life