Aloofa – A Soft Touch to Our Cleaning and An Easy Handle

    I don’t remember since when we believe in “less is more,” but we tend to agree how crucial the sustainability and what we can contribute to our mother earth. Alfland’s Aloofa reflects this concept in its unique ways. 

    One package of Aloofa offers us four (4) pieces of different shaped Aloofa (which are dried products of natural loofa).

    With its pure natural cellulose, Aloofa makes an outstanding all-purpose cleaning sponge and it tends to be very absorbent.  Therefore, it is ideal to clean messy dishes, your pets’ equipment, kitchen appliances, cookware, glassware, vehicles, and cook tops without any scratches.

    With a little soap and clean water, Aloofa conducts its job being flexible in tackling dirt, grease, stains.  After cleaning jobs, we only need to rinse our Aloofa in clean running water, then air dry it.

    Aloofa does not stink or shrink like other regular sponge that we can find on current market due to its gourd texture.  As a matter of fact, Aloofa never gets smelly like regular sponge.  Furthermore, it is allergy free.

    I am grateful that Aloofa provides us a reason to enjoy our cleaning. Why not give it a try aloofa-cleaning-sponge

    Alfland is a platform that shares our love for pets and innovative ideas to take best care of our pets.   We provide what pets need and create a healthy and pleasant home to make sure pets as well as ourselves deserve a happy and colorful life.