Aloofa Sponges 

Boaz Geran

This is a superb product. I was able to stimulate my pet and my bird is now more active than ever before. The most interesting part is that my pet is safe because it is made of wood and not plastic.

Goshen Trey

This sponge is a 5 star winners in my kitchen. it cleans everything easily and hold up to sanitizing in the dishwasher. This sponge clean my stove top without any scratch on its surface .This is an excellent product with a great price.


This is truly an alternative for my regular cleaning procedure. Its form foam quickly and the cleaning power is great. The joy is that it is 100% natural based with no offensive odour. I strongly recommend.


Good Product. Eco- friendly sponge with high grade. My Mum is super happy because of non-sick option, and also take care of her hands when washing in the kitchen.